Growing Your Ministry Can Be Challenging But...

You Don't Have To

Do It Alone!

We Provide All The Tools You Need To Launch Your Website,

Connect Your Community And Grow Your Ministry!




Launch Your Connect Focused Website

We make it simple to LAUNCH your website

that's designed with our "Connect On Automation" platform!

Growth Focused

Designed To Connect

We make sure your site has consistent branding and a clear way to connect with your ministry.

Custom Designs

Mobile Ready

Launch your site with cutting edge designs that are crafted to perfectly fit any device


Optimized For You

Worry free content updates, and management. We are here to help you grow!

Connect Your Community

With smart automated marketing that captures and

follows-up to CONNECT your community

Powerful & Easy

Integrated Connect Forms

Turn your website into a connection machine with our integrated connect forms, popups, or exit intent software.

Setup Emails & Create An Automated Followup Processes

  1. Start with a custom email template
  2. Design your message
  3. Personalize your content
  4. Automate your workflows

Stay Connected

Email & SMS Automation

Powerful automation and powerful AI (if-then) type technology. Our team of pros helps you customize your followup options that will connect your community.

Setup Emails & Create An Automated Followup Processes

  1. Start with a custom email template
  2. Design your message
  3. Personalize your content
  4. Automate your workflows

Quality Info


Connected Relationship Management integrates with your Email and SMS tools. Helping you collect quality info and stay connected with your community!

Connected Relationship Management Made Easy

  1. Simplified layout
  2. Organize contacts in one central location
  3. Stay on track
  4. Never miss a connection point

Grow Your Ministry

Gain market share and GROW your ministry

with a quality content & analytics platform

Measure Success

Google Analytics

Utilize Google’s powerful Analytics software and reporting, providing the tools to track your business’ online growth.

Expect Growth

Social Media Analytics

Many factors go into being found online. We report how your social media efforts impact traffic to your website.

Accurate Information

Google Ministry Listing

It’s impossible to be found online without accurate public ministry information. We ensure your infor is accurate and up to date.

Quality Content Presentation

Message Management

Your leadership spends a lot of time prepping for the weekly message and once it's delivered you want to ensure it continues to have a maximum impact on your community. Our Message Management software ensures you get maximum impact via your site.

Ministry Growth Made Easy

Ministry Blog

Want to share more in-depth teachings with text, audio, or video? A ministry blog is a good way to highlight teachers within your ministry and it's also good for page rankings.

We Offer One Awesome Membership Bonus!*

web done with you

Online Giving

$47 monthly value

Those who connect want to see your ministry thrive. With powerful tools we make it easy for them to support your ministry, see their donation history, and share their support of your church through your website.

Small Group Management

$47 value

Turn your online platform into a lead generation machine with our Blueprint to Driving Traffic using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Paid Ads, and Social Media.

Events Management

$15 monthly value

Event creation and management made easy! Our integrated Event Management software ensures you have the perfect event every time. With online ticket sales and checking ticket scanning - our goal is to ensure you have a great event.

*Bonus features: Choose 1 bonus feature per project at no additional cost. Additional features- one time cost $350 each.

Launch Your Website, Connect Your Community, and Grow Your Ministry!

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